Private Spanish Classes with elmatiz are about...

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  • maximizing oral practice in Spanish.
  • individual tuition plans, tailored to your special needs.
  • learning comfortably whenever YOU want.
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Private classes with native Spanish speakers

If you want to learn a language, you have got to speak it. The more you speak, the more you learn. In a private Spanish class, your own share of speaking yourself is maximized. This way, elmatiz can boost your learning success.

Learning Spanish with elmatiz is intensive and authentic. All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, from Peru, Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. All have academic backgrounds. They also speak English. Any misunderstandings can be cleared immediately, while the class itself is designed in Spanish.

Individual tuition plans tailored to your special needs...

A Spanish class with elmatiz is individual. In a first phone call, we will listen carefully about your context and intention about learning Spanish. Those information are passed to your private teacher for perfectly fitting your Spanish classes. Even your free trial lesson will be tailored to your personal learning goals.

Private Spanish classes online or directly at your home or office

You can meet your personal tutor online via Skype, saving time and money. In some cities of the United Kingdom, your tutor can visit you directly at your office or home.

Free trial class

Your first class at elmatiz is free and without any obligation.

Welcome to elmatiz